Risa is a creative designer / art director with a love for minimal, clean designs with a modern touch. She is also drawn to typography, hand drawn lettering, inspiring words, illustrations, and vintage. After many years, as an art director in the creative advertising and marketing communications industries, it is the accumulation of these interests and the desire to spend more time with her daughter that led her to an exciting new path of creative and an adventurous lifestyle.

ABA2Life established in 2011, is a fun, fresh, inspired handmade jewelry, accessories, art prints and personalized gifts online store. Risa's multicultural background is the basis for a distinctive style of handmade products featuring beautiful combinations of color, stones, beads and metals. Her art prints designed with a mixture of natural elements to make meaningful gifts for any special occasion, the result is an unique combination of chic and modern look.

What does ABA stand for? ABA stands for A Beautiful Angel and refers to her daughter Audrey, an American Born Asian. ABA2Life is inspired by her daughter, Audrey, who was born in the United State becoming more consciously aware of the cultural and lifestyle differences. She has been saying that she has two life and how lucky she is. She thinks growing up in the United State with the immediate influence of more than two cultures that is so cool. She embraces the best parts of both Asian and American culture; she is proud and loves it. Risa feels that God has sent a beautiful angel to change her life. This is how the story begins...

ABA2Life is a place to enable everyone to express themselves and their own family story through a combination of art and fashion. Together with her daughter, Risa channels her fanciful creativity to detail imaginative looks based on sharing her daughter's life experiences as an ABA and the passion for art and fashion.


Now Risa lives thirty minutes north of Dallas in Texas with her husband and daughter. She creates beautiful art prints as well as greeting cards and art pendant handmade jewelry. Her romanticized colors, versatile style, and meaningful work often include a vintage flair. She incorporates many different unique types of style with color and pattern to create whimsical pieces in which she hopes to bring a little joy and charm into the lives of others!

I love beautiful things around me. I love life!

I started with two things that I loved, photography and travel

Hello, I am Risa, an artist, and I am lucky enough doing what I love, art.


When I got my first camera at 12 years old from my dad; I found photography that allows me to create memorable and unique art. I knew I had found the love of my life. Growing up, I was lucky enough to travel all over the world, my exposure to a wide variety of artistic styles from across the globe kindled a strong appreciation for artists and their works within me, as well as a keen desire to join them in creating something unique and enduring.


I tend to use my design skills for a good cause to inspire positivity. I love doing customized designs as I feel passionate to give someone something very special and unique. It's rewarding and exciting to see people's reaction to my work. I feel very lucky to be able to fulfill my dreams and help you to live yours.


I sincerely appreciate to have your support and faith in my art by favoring my items or shop and buying my unique style art to increase more positivity in your life.


My design concept are
Simple, elegant with a sense of chic style
Artistic design in bright colors paired with earthy tones
A meaningful design to inspire others


My designs are really a reflection of mother nature and our multicultural background, I would like to find the simplicity within nature and multicultural with a global view to bring joy into your life. I hope that you will find what you're looking for.


My photography combine my love of traveling and nature with full of saturated color and lush detail. I love photographing the beauty of the world around me. My striking floral photographs invite the viewer to see not only incredible detail but also the grace of the subject as a whole.


You can now buy a whole range of products designed by me from society6 - Phone Cases, Art Prints, Cushions, Bags, Cards, Laptop-Skins & wearable art jewelry at Etsy.


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